• Jun 13, 2019
  • by Magic Toolbox


Life is made of different seasons and phases: happy seasons, heartbreaks, ups and downs in work life, wax and wane in relationships, fluctuating waistlines, creaking joints, skinny jeans replaced by tuxedoes, sports car to SUVs and so forth. As you age like a fine wine, your character and sense of style will also evolve. Your dresses, accessories, gadgets are a reflection of your aesthetics and taste of your unique individuality.

Your watch tells more than the time- they say something about “who truly you are!” 

This powerful icon is not merely an accessory; it says whether you are contemporary or conservative, sporty or smart, nouveau-riche, or blue blood. 

While most watches are here for a lifetime – or at least if they are looked after well with some love- perhaps there are certain watches meant to be worn at certain ages as it closely chimes with who we are now than later.   

So if you do not want to make the mistake of strapping a bumblebee printed plastic watch in your 30s, let us help you to find out which watch suits you…

In your clueless 20s

With a graduation degree nailed on the wall, overcoming the shock of actually working to pay your piling bills, learning to tie a tie or sari, end-of-the-month living crisis after seeing your bank balance, genuinely clueless about life – congratulations you have made it to your 20s! 

Though we may not be able to guide you out of the labyrinth of life, we can help you to find your budget-friendly watches. From Casio G-Shock GWM5610 to Citizen NH8350-83L, Timex Weekender to Seiko 5 there are tons of wallet-friendly watches available in the market. Or saved up for your big day then enters the Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre5 that would peek from your perfect tailor-cut tux. And for tech geeks, Apple and other brands have a wide variety to choose from.

In your 30s – or the new 20s

The time when it slowly dawns upon you that you are an independent grown-up who no longer can sleep on sofas, who prefers to be at home by 9’o clock eating Ben & Jerry instead of partying hard and late, who owns a decent home and a respectable bank balance. There are numerous wedding seasons, board room meetings, and golf matches coming up. A good watch like Cartier Roadster Chronograph, Tag Heuer Monza, Jaegger- LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille, or Rolex Oyster Perpetual can make a significant individuality in your appearance.

In your 40s – welcome midlife!

The time of midlife crises, a body with its own mind; but, life in your 40s is not all moribund. Parenthood, marriage, job, and all are high on the hog. And that calls for a celebration. We are here to help! Splurge on Panerai Radiomir, Omega Speedmaster – the only that visited the moon, or wishes to invoke your inner Navy SEAL; then opt for Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak – Arnie wore it in “The Terminator”.

In your 50s – Golden Jubilee of life

Congratulations! You have devoured half a century of your life. The kids have moved out, mortgages are all paid, pensions falling every month on the dot; it’s the time! It is time for you to sit back on that wing chair, sip on some fine wine, and read ‘Golf Monthly’. And what is that glint of light reflecting from your wrist? Oh! It is your Zenith El Primero or is that IWC titanium watch no it is Schaffhausen written on that dials. 

In your 60s – welcome to retirement

With mirth, laughter, and wrinkles you are basking in the glory of your retirement. You have seen a lifetime of events; now it is time and right to take yourself for a second spin in trying out new exciting stuffs, and that applies to your purchases too. Tell your significant other that you are astutely making some investments. You can go for the Classique Maharajas - Rolex, Ulysee Nardin, Chanel or Cartier watches or try out the new wave of independent watchmakers such as Urwerk, Stepan Sarpaneva, MB&F, Ressence so on and so forth. 

In your 70s- winter of wisdom

Hurray! You have successfully entered the sagacious realm of your 70s and it means two things you have survived ‘the 60s’ and ‘your 60s’. It is the time when beyond what timepiece you wear on your wrist has less personal significance than to the real-time. Nevertheless, those remaining bank balances are beseeching you to trade them for a Cashmere V-neck sweater or some fine bottles of aged wine or maybe a drive-in Jaguar or even better that watch you have been eyeing since a lifetime – Patek Philipper 5202 Moon Phase


Every watch has a story to tell: the watch that you bought with your first salary, the one that you rewarded yourself for conquering a milestone, ‘the gifted one’ to you by your heart’s love or parents, the hand-me-down-watches. And each one of them shows more than just time; it is a souvenir- taking you back to your fond memories, whenever your eyes catch its glimpse.